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Abundance of love to you!

I’m so Happy that you came across our website, and I’d like to commend you for being a person who is looking for more in life (Yeah, I’m assuming already). And oh, this might sound like a cliche but, I truly believe that there are no accidents in life. Always for a purpose. The key is what you choose in any situation.

But today I believe you made the right one. =) hehehe (more…)

The Manifesto of the Invested Pinoy Series

The Manifesto of the Invested Pinoy Series

My week was filled with Stock Market talks (this time being an attendee). And of course meeting with a lot of stock market investors. It really felt good and inspiring. Especially since I was able to interview Edward Lee, Juanis Barredo, and April Lee-Tan. All them, have been in the markets for 20 years a minimum.

Since InHim Media is one of the media partners of COL Financial, I get the benefit of being able to talk to them for lengthen periods and ask them with a lot of questions. In fact, I was able to personally interview Mr. Conrado Bate, the CEO a (more…)

Day 3 Meeting and Interview with Mr. Juanis Barredo 90 day Business Genius

Day 3: Meeting and Interview with Mr. Juanis Barredo of COL Financial Inc.

Day 3 (August 31, 2017) of my 90-day Business Genius and already I’m feeling the temptation of not writing an article today. Gosh, it’s 1:55 AM Philippine time, and I’m already feeling the strong urge to sleep.

Well first and foremost I had a full brain-draining day. But I also wasted a lot of my time. To be specific, I wasted about 2 hours for extra hustle before sleeping. Why? Because I choose to. While it is perceived or planned to do, I somehow have these bad habits of “researching (more…)

Day 2 Your Schedule is Who You Are

Day 2: Your Schedule is Who You Are 90-day Business Genius

Today is Day 2 (August 30) of my journalizing my entrepreneurial life.

I usually start my mornings at 8AM to 9AM. Yeah I know, entrepreneurs should wake up early and start hustling in the morning. But let me just share to you my usual working daily schedule.

7:30 AM – Alarm of my Phone
7:30 – 8:00 AM- Usually in the Comfort Room
8:00 – 9:00 AM- Prayer Journal, Stretching, talking to my (more…)

Journalizing Your Business Life

Day 1: Journalizing Your Business Life. 90-day Business Genius

Do you ask yourself daily if you had a productive day or not? Many of my productive days are actually results of asking myself “how did I do today”.

Before going to sleep, I either write in my journal or in my organizer. (My organizer now is sort of my idea notebook since I do my schedules on my Google Calendar and my to-dos here in my laptop). Just like now (it’s 1:26 AM, August 30), I’m documenting and evaluating how my day was. I found out through experience and reading books that “journalizing” daily really helps. It gives you stronger mental models (more…)

How to be a great Dad in Cebu

I am a DAD, that is My Main CORE Design

Traveling for me has always been fun. Even if it is just within Cebu City or going to a decent beach or a yummy cafe just to relax. I enjoy trying out and experience something new and out of my routine.

Last July, I received an invitation to give a Social Media Marketing talk from the Truly Rich Club in Cagayan de Oro for August 20. It has been a while since I went to Cagayan and I was a bit excited. I was thinking of the food that I would eat and the pasalubong to buy for my family and partners at InHim Group of Companies. I was excited to see the changes and progress in Cagayan since my last visit and if there are cool new things (more…)