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How a Song Can Change Your life

How a Song can Change Any Person’s Life

Do you have a song in your life today?

In my life and based on my many conversations (I’m very talkative, by the way) with friends, community, church, business partners, I found out that we all have a “current” song in our minds (and hearts).

It can be a love song (mostly for those seeking, lol), a funky song, a chaotic song, a relaxing song, a jazz-groove, the blues, a Christian song, etc.

For whatever season in our lives, we all have songs that we relate (more…)

Bayanihan Coffee Cebu

Best Technique to gain a longterm-Client into a Business Partner

Just a week ago, meet with another business partner.

I used to be “just” a business consultant for him and his commodity business, now we are on the direction to fully become partners in business. (Hopefully no glitches)

We are launching a new brand of Coffee in the Philippines (soon chocolates), and of course we are starting it out online.

The coffee Brand is – Bayanihan Coffee and Chocolates.

It’s a local and native recipe (100% pure Pinoy), which we are really very proud of. The local type of brewing (cooking) gives it a significant taste and texture as well as the Aroma.

Our company has a very strong advocacy on helping Local Filipino Tribes in the Philippines, mainly the Bagobo Tribe, and we are promoting the Original Native Tribe recipe of this coffee. It’s roasting and “aromating” selection is very unique because we went back to our roots in allowing the Bagobo Tribe to aid in the Quality Control of the Coffee Beans we select.

For now, we are advancing all the information and possible pre-orders of our product. Hopefully before the end of May 2015, we will be able to soft-launch our coffee lines.

At this point, we are asking the aid of local Filipino Businessmen as well as consumers (coffee lovers) to support us in this campaign.

To a prosperous and abundant life,

JB Happy Entrepreneur

Are you a Villain or a Hero?


In my journey to life I realize that heroes contribute a great deal in a person’s success. And I’m not talking about the heroes who gave our country freedom. I’m talking about the respective hero that each person looks up to.

In my case, my heroes range from great business people like Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet; Motivational speakers, Robin Sharma, Bo Sanchez, Jack Canfield, Robert Allen; Marketing and Sales Experts, (more…)