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Register your business or go Bust

Register Your Business or Go BUST!

Everything great usually starts small, bare, and unproductive. This has been a learning that I always need to relearn and slowly apply it to the fit any situation in my life. It takes a special set of eyes to see whether something is promising or not. In fact, it actually takes a much keen look. A second, a third, a fourth or even a fifth look, to know whether it will be good business or not.

I’m currently in Consolacion Cebu, meeting with our Contractor for the renovation of this small Trailer-Commercial for our future dessert shop. It is what we call in the Philippines as Halo-Halo dessert, or ice-mixed-desserts with different kinds of contributing flavors.

This is actually my first official venture into food and retail. Wait, let my quantify that. This is my first (more…)

4 Checkpoints in Starting a Food Park Business

4 Checkpoints in Starting a Food Park Business in Cebu

I love my Wednesday schedule. Although it is one of the busiest days in my week, it is where I am able to engage my creative mind and learn more.

Ever since I started InHim Media and InHim Consultancy, my exposure to different kinds of businesses have been really amazing. Specifically, during Wednesdays, where I meet with the owners of the businesses that we do consulting for.

Meeting the owners of these businesses is like having a one to three 1-3 hours business application crash course. Even though I am a consultant (more on marketing, branding, sales, and customer service), I learn so much more on about the nitty-gritty problem solving of different kinds of businesses. (more…)

SirChubby's Halo-halo

Focus on the Opportunities, not the Challenges

SirChubby's Halo-halo

This week was amazing for me. More and more opportunities are continuously popping-up and the future really looks bright.

As a person, I firmly believe that great opportunities and good abound us. What makes us different from each other is our perspectives in life. And I’m the kind, who sees it through a positive and better future. (I can’t help it, I believe in a loving and super-generous God)

Anyway, this week, a friend of mine who owns one of the a big industrial (B2B) printing shops called me to talk about a project that he wants my company to manage, operate, and market. A budget hotel in Cebu, that caters not only for a comfortable stay but also a memorable experience in Cebu. It’s a relatively small hotel but has a promising future. Now we are in the “drawing board” and still in the conceptualization stage, how can we position it in the market, and how we could make last a good 20-30 years in business.

The other opportunity is of course our first ever food venture for InHim Group. We started with our menu development and we have some very good flavors. Great things are also in store for our upcoming loyal clients in Consolacion Cebu. It’s a Halo-halo business anchored on local favorite flavors, made with love and the goal of giving people “a yummy delight”. We target to open the stall this middle of August in Tambayan Food Park in Consolacion Cebu.

Of course not all opportunities are in business and, the next one is for my family. We just had received our homeschool materials for our three 3 kids.=) As parents, Mayden and I are very excited to start teaching our kids at home and lead them to become not only good students, but also people who care for the bigger, greater good of the world. All of them are now officially “home schoolers”.

Point of this post is………… opportunities abound us really. And I could go on and on about, how opportunities come to me every time. But my prayer is that, you slowly be blessed with a “new” set of eyes. Seeing opportunities in growing as a person, in your family life, in your finances, and your health.

Have an awesome week!

Live a joyful life,

J.Bere – #SirChubby