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Why I have an ADVOCACY towards Philippine Financial Education

Journey Towards financial Education!

Most of us Filipinos (if not all), we have always had this belief on the importance of education. In fact, when the word education is mentioned, we automatically think of schools or universities.

While education is indeed important, it’s not to say that it ends after you graduate from college. And it certainly does not follow that if have a college degree, you will be successful financially, and even in life as well. (more…)

3 Checkpoints Before Jumping From Employee to Entrepreneur

3 Checkpoints Before Becoming an Entrepreneur


As I have journeyed in the last 5 years in becoming a successful entrepreneur, I’ve met so many eager and determined business people. Almost all of them committed mistakes and failures in the start. Some succeed instantly, yet they still meet failures or mistakes as they expand or create another business. And the most common reason for failure is IGNORANCE.

When I say ignorance, I don’t mean it like that person is literally being ignorant. In this case, it means lack of (more…)

Change the label; From Entrepreneur to Starters

Starting a Pinoy Entreprenuer

Entrepreneurs are Starters

Ever since I was in college, I was always amaze by business people. I idolized them, and always dreamed to be like them.

So when I finished engineering and started working, my focus was always to become a businessman or often called as an entrepreneur. And I did become one.

And lo and behold, it was not as easy as it looked. (more…)


Abundance of love to you!

I’m so Happy that you came across our website, and I’d like to commend you for being a person who is looking for more in life (Yeah, I’m assuming already). And oh, this might sound like a cliche but, I truly believe that there are no accidents in life. Always for a purpose. The key is what you choose in any situation.

But today I believe you made the right one. =) hehehe (more…)