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Change the label; From Entrepreneur to Starters

Starting a Pinoy Entreprenuer

Entrepreneurs are Starters

Ever since I was in college, I was always amaze by business people. I idolized them, and always dreamed to be like them.

So when I finished engineering and started working, my focus was always to become a businessman or often called as an entrepreneur. And I did become one.

And lo and behold, it was not as easy as it looked.

Most of us think (like I used to), that being an entrepreneur is an easy life. But we don’t see the hard work that the business people do. We don’t see the many times they don’t get any peso from their business in many months just to keep their small businesses afloat. We don’t see the tears that they shed. We don’t see all the no’s and rejections they received. We don’t see the business ventures they folded.

Actually what we see now are the results of years and years of hanging on and keeping frugality in their lifestyle, to attain the “highlife” that they have now.

So keep in mind, when you decide to become an entrepreneur, you accept it’s highs and also be ready for the lows.

And starting today, let’s change the word ENTREPRENEUR to STARTER. In my experience the word entrepreneur seems like a big word and for a select few, so I propose to you the word starter.

When your an entrepreneur, your a starter. You start something new. You start something cool. You make people’s lives better. You make your family’s life better.

Live well and happy,

Happy Entrepreneur

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