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Journalizing Your Business Life

Day 1: Journalizing Your Business Life. 90-day Business Genius

Do you ask yourself daily if you had a productive day or not? Many of my productive days are actually results of asking myself “how did I do today”.

Before going to sleep, I either write in my journal or in my organizer. (My organizer now is sort of my idea notebook since I do my schedules on my Google Calendar and my to-dos here in my laptop). Just like now (it’s 1:26 AM, August 30), I’m documenting and evaluating how my day was. I found out through experience and reading books that “journalizing” daily really helps. It gives you stronger mental models and gives you a more productive outcome in the coming days. (More on mental models in my future articles.)

Yesterday, I had a good time writing how I did during the day. As I was writing, I was able to realize and analyze how I could make myself more productive. For example, I found out that there should be things that I should be focusing on like marketing our services, selling more real estate properties, blogging/vlogging more often versus doing admin stuff like writing memos, submitting proposals, fixing website glitches, etc.

The same thing happened today. I was too focused on preparing payroll, making client proposals, and answering client emails instead of following up on clients, setting up meetings with clients, marketing real estate, writing drafts for my plan modules and more activities that will add to the bottom line of our businesses or my personal income.

More importantly, I also need to focus on leading the team rather than “being in the team”. As I have been sharing to all of you, I currently have 3 small businesses that I am leading and as a partner. I’d like to think that I have tried to set the direction but I haven’t really led the team towards that direction. Our businesses are still small but growing. As it is growing, our manpower is growing as well.

My challenge really is since I started with nothing, I have been doing micro on all the task while managing my team as well. I have realized this even before. I would like to think that I have grown from initial realization, but I still need to continue growing.

Hence, my commitment to daily journalizing my business life. From Monday to Friday, I will document the things that I do, what I have learned and the mistakes that I will make in the process. I believe this is the best way to strengthen my mental models for doing a better job in leading our businesses. Please pray for me. This is really something difficult and something new for me. To do this daily (writing) is something I haven’t tried in my entire life.

Also if you have any suggestions on how to do this, and how to make it more productive please do comment on any of my social media accounts. I would really appreciate your suggestions.

Towards a more productive business life.

Dream – Create – Thrive – Live
– Jake Bere #SirChubby

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