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Day 3 Meeting and Interview with Mr. Juanis Barredo 90 day Business Genius

Day 3: Meeting and Interview with Mr. Juanis Barredo of COL Financial Inc.

Day 3 (August 31, 2017) of my 90-day Business Genius and already I’m feeling the temptation of not writing an article today. Gosh, it’s 1:55 AM Philippine time, and I’m already feeling the strong urge to sleep.

Well first and foremost I had a full brain-draining day. But I also wasted a lot of my time. To be specific, I wasted about 2 hours for extra hustle before sleeping. Why? Because I choose to. While it is perceived or planned to do, I somehow have these bad habits of “researching” and end up watching stuff that don’t really contribute to my long-term goals.

Anyway, here I am now writing (and I still need to finish writing with my ebook).

Today was such blessing for me and to a lot of people in Cebu City. COL Financial gave a free seminar in stock market investing using technical analysis. With one of the best Stock Market technicians in the Philippines (and probably in Asia as well), COL’s VP Mr. Juanis Barredo.

I’ve meet Sir Juanis a couple of times before, but this was actually the first time that we were able to talk. This time we talked much deeper into investing using Charts. Since I was interviewing him for an episode of Money Mondays with Sir Chubby (my weekly show in the web). Our conversation was amazing, and although the majority of it wasn’t included on the episode (due to technical details and of course time constraints). I will gladly share it to you here.

Here is a gist of my interview with Mr. Barredo:

SirChubby: Is the Stock Market for everyone?

Mr. Barredo: Yes. Because you can actually invest in stock market passively, earning a 9-12% interest per annum, which is way higher compared to the banks.

SirChubby: Should a person with intermediate stock market investing skills start using Charts?

Mr. Barredo: Well, depends. Does he have the time to learn and focus to use Charts? If his answer is yes, then, definitely he should. Because remember, between George Soros and Warren Buffet, both are investors in the financial market but Soros earns way more because he times the market very well.

SirChubby: What is your guideline for technicians? Should they consider looking for fundamentals or just Charts?

Mr. Barredo: They should definitely look at the Fundamentals. Only there should the person consider a stock once fundamentals are establish. This tells you that, that stock is a good stock to monitor technically.

SirChubby: Should Market Sentiment or Industry Sentiment come to play in Charts?

Mr. Barredo: Of course. Even though most of it are reflected in the Charts, it is very important that you know how to understand and read the market sentiment. All markets are affected by sentiment.

SirChubby: Advice for those who want to start Stock Investing through Charts?

Mr. Barredo: Study first. You can start by buying the Book “Technical Analysis”. It’s a classic and sometimes can be confusing but it will prime you for stock trading. Attend more classes like this. In COL Financial we do this for free. So you can attend more and more seminars like this.

After my short interview with him, we continuously talk and my understanding with Charts grew even more. In a personal way, through our conversation, I was able to decide something very important. And this will be my lesson for today.

Today’s Business Genius Lesson:
Because of my conversation with Mr. Barredo, I finally came with an empowered decision and that is to incorporate charts into my investing. If you are like me and you have been investing in the stock market for quite sometime, it is high time for us to progress. Mainly, my decision is to continuously pick companies with fundamentals but to use Charts in entering and exiting positions temporarily.

My strategy is to lighten up my positions today unless there is a bullish trend on the specific positions that I am holding and at the same time learn more in using charts in investing. For now, I can’t really share yet how since I will have to test its effectiveness. Only then shall I share to you so as not to involve you in the risk.

Well, that’s it for today.

Dream, Create, Thrive, Live
– Jake Bere #SirChubby

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