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How a Song Can Change Your life

How a Song can Change Any Person’s Life

Do you have a song in your life today?

In my life and based on my many conversations (I’m very talkative, by the way) with friends, community, church, business partners, I found out that we all have a “current” song in our minds (and hearts).

It can be a love song (mostly for those seeking, lol), a funky song, a chaotic song, a relaxing song, a jazz-groove, the blues, a Christian song, etc.

For whatever season in our lives, we all have songs that we relate to. And in a way, it inspires us, makes us grieve, and eventually makes us feel better (or sometimes worse). Although in the long run, we realize we no longer can relate or “feel” that song and move on to different tune. A different rhythm.

Ultimately, I believe the song serves it’s purpose – to make you feel, what you are supposed to feel during that moment.

Very similar to life. Situations, circumstances, problems, blessings, they all happen for a purpose. It is intended for that very moment. Just after it has serve it’s purpose, we are supposed to change the tune-rhythm. If we don’t, then we get bored, feel stuck, disconnected, and no longer understand life.

Lesson: Like a song, you are not destined to stay in your circumstance or problem. You are there to learn and grow. You are destined for far more greater things in life. You are an empowered master!

To a more meaningful life,

JB Happy Entrepreneur

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