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Keep on Listening, Keep on Growing

how to be an effective listener

This week I’ve really decided on a very valuable lesson in life. And that is:

“To listen twice and speak once”

Simple really.

In the fast-paced world that we are living today, where literally, all the information we need is just a click away. Our culture, not only as Filipino’s, but as a human race have taught us that we have to speak more to be understood and appreciated.

But wisdom is very much found also in listening, and understanding. And I believe that is why God designed us to have two (2) ears and one mouth (it would look really weird if we had to mouths though).

This week, my personal focus is to listen more, rather than talking more. This is quite difficult with the kind of personality I have. But definitely, doable.

I’m very much talkative by nature. But I know it is necessary for my growth. Daily, I focus on learning to listen more.

How about you my friend? I hope have you give focus to listening as well.

To a happy and prosperous life

JB Happy Entrepreneur

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