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Let us Help each other and Earning From your PASSION – Core Gift

Abundance of love to you!

I’m so Happy that you came across our website, and I’d like to commend you for being a person who is looking for more in life (Yeah, I’m assuming already). And oh, this might sound like a cliche but, I truly believe that there are no accidents in life. Always for a purpose. The key is what you choose in any situation.

But today I believe you made the right one. =) hehehe

Well, welcome to, dubbed the “Happy Entrepreneur” official website.

I have been an entrepreneur for almost 6 years now (even when I was working). And gosh would I like to claim that it was easy. But it’s really not. It’s hard and frustrating at many times.

In fact, I’ve failed in so many. Officially, about 17 business ventures.

I’ve tried several network marketing businesses, franchise, traditional business, events management, services and many more. Yet most of it didn’t work. I lost a lot of money and even my savings. And worse, even lost friends who invested with me.

As of today, I already have an up and running business. Four (4) actually. A real estate marketing company (realty firm), a real estate development, a consultancy, and a financial brokerage.

WOW! four businesses in 6 years? Sounds great huh? But I don’t want to mislead you. Two (2) of those businesses are still thriving, and thankfully two (2) are providing for my needs and little for some “wants”.

So here’s the deal, I want to help! After so many failures, I’ve learned much. Especially about choosing shame and loosing money, rather than loosing precious relationships.

This website is for:
– would be entrepreneurs-starters
– employees who are frustrated on their job
– parents who want to earn more
– Pastors/Lay Missionaries, and people who want to serve Jesus Christ but hesitate because they have a family to feed
– entrepreneurs who tried but failed many times and about to give up
– for young people to who want to start early

And for everyone who is seeking something better in life! This is for you!

Be a gift to the world and become the Happiest Entrepreneur ever.

“Happy is the man who earns from his passion”
Jake Bere

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