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Homeschooling Philippines

Our First Week In Homeschooling with CFA

Homeschooling Philippines

Have you ever felt like being totally disoriented about something that you “thought” was easy, but in reality was not? I’m not sure if everybody goes through these kinds of situations, but more or less about ninety-five percent (95%) of the people do.

Ever since my wife and I decided to Homeschool our three kids, I felt like we made the best decision in our lives. It is not every parents dream to do so, but we had the dream of not only to teach our kids academically but most especially to mold their character and love for learning. We were so excited, ecstatic, and elated at the same time.

Until…. the actual day started.

It was very messy (a mixture of toys and school stuff on the floor and in different areas in our room), challenging, and daunting on both of us parents, especially to my wife. Since my wife works at home (online-home based-job), we obviously thought that it would be very easy for her to do it since while she is working she can work and give lessons to our kids every now and then, but it wasn’t easy at all.

Although both our 1st and 2nd child have already gone to regular schools during the previous years, our youngest, who is still 3 years old, hasn’t tried any formal school yet. So, as my wife starts teaching, he (our 3rd) messes around and tries to “tempt” his Ate and Kuya to play with him. (hahahahaha) When in fact, he also is supposed to do Homeschool with them. His attention span is way too low and his energy to play is way too high. So after two weeks of trying, my wife throws in the towel.

Of course, me, the ever heroic (not to mention gwapo and macho me) Daddy comes to the rescue. I then volunteered to teach them myself. You see in my business life, I tend to over hustle. On a daily basis, I start working 10am and go home 10pm. I don’t have a big business yet so a lot of the things that I can delegate, I can’t still afford to (although we are already starting).

Since my family is more important to than my business, I now go home 6pm everyday (or at least I try to), so that by 7-11pm, I the “heroic” Daddy will be the one to Homeschool our kids.

First day of Daddy’s class was perfect (note: our youngest was sleeping).

Second and Third, gosh….. I mean whoah, it’s really hard………… I remember while I was teaching our eldest daughter (my beloved), I slowly saw her tears falling from her eyes. What the heck did I do? Was I too strict? Am I a lousy teacher? Was I impatient with her? All this happening while my wife is also teaching our youngest and trying to make him quiet because, he, again was messing around again.

So what do I do? I stop. Drank water and pee’d. Went back upstairs and talked to my daughter and told her “Babe, that’s enough for the day. I’m sorry Daddy can’t teach you anymore for tonight. Lets continue tomorrow”.

I went to our bed side and reflected. First, I started blaming myself. Asking myself what did I get into?. But what’s so great about being a Christian is that the Lord impresses upon us something, that feeling of assurance. Instead of worrying, I played with my kids again and after a while went to sleep.

The morning next day, during my journal and prayer time, I had a clearer and rested mind (especially my heart). I’m reminded of the reasons why we started Homeschool in the first place. Also in my reading, God gave the verse “It is I God that give you the will to do and to be successful in what you and I take pleasure in you doing” (Phil. 2:14). Not the exact verse but, it is how I felt that Daddy-God was speaking to me this morning.

Today my heart is renewed and my mind is much more relaxed, not only in teaching our kids but also in my inner self as well.

Lesson: it is never easy when you are trying something new. It sometimes makes us look foolish and somehow makes us think we are at our wits end. But as we practice it and do it every day, we start to get into a flow. Like water that takes on any form, we humans (blessed by our Lord) have the infinite capacity to grow. So today, I declare to myself. Take time. Look foolish. Cry sometimes in trying out something new. But one day, there will be a harvest. Your kids will not only be academically intelligent, but they will also have the best character and heart as people of the Lord.

To all parents who plan to do Homeschooling or are already doing it, I salute you. This is not an easy mission. But we can do it. Because we love, and we do it because of love and a long time ago somebody loved us (and continuously loves) first.

Live a joyful life,

J.Bere – #SirChubby

4 thoughts on “Our First Week In Homeschooling with CFA

  1. I am experiencing the same thing with my two kids 7&4… still trying my best to get into the flow. Hard but will persevere by God’s grace…coupled with a family problem (health) sister suffered stroke, it is very hard to concentrate.

    1. Yes, definitely by God’s Grace we can do it. Thank you so much for your support and I will pray for your sister.

  2. Way to go Jake. Been there and true enough God’s unconditional LOVE unravels as we to love us and be inspired to love our children

    1. Thank you tito Bobby. It is a blessing also to have life like our group in FB that continuously supports every parents homeschooling journey.

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