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Register your business or go Bust

Register Your Business or Go BUST!

Everything great usually starts small, bare, and unproductive. This has been a learning that I always need to relearn and slowly apply it to the fit any situation in my life. It takes a special set of eyes to see whether something is promising or not. In fact, it actually takes a much keen look. A second, a third, a fourth or even a fifth look, to know whether it will be good business or not.

I’m currently in Consolacion Cebu, meeting with our Contractor for the renovation of this small Trailer-Commercial for our future dessert shop. It is what we call in the Philippines as Halo-Halo dessert, or ice-mixed-desserts with different kinds of contributing flavors.

This is actually my first official venture into food and retail. Wait, let my quantify that. This is my first (more…)