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The Manifesto of the Invested Pinoy Series

The Manifesto of the Invested Pinoy Series

My week was filled with Stock Market talks (this time being an attendee). And of course meeting with a lot of stock market investors. It really felt good and inspiring. Especially since I was able to interview Edward Lee, Juanis Barredo, and April Lee-Tan. All them, have been in the markets for 20 years a minimum.

Since InHim Media is one of the media partners of COL Financial, I get the benefit of being able to talk to them for lengthen periods and ask them with a lot of questions. In fact, I was able to personally interview Mr. Conrado Bate, the CEO and President of COL Financial.

In one of our conversations, I mentioned to him jokingly that “hopefully by 2020 the percentage of Filipino’s investing in the financial market will grow to 20%”. His answer shocked me. He said, “impossible, it might not be even 8%”. “Huh?”, I replied. Currently, the percentage is not even 1%. “Yeah, that was 3 years ago. Hasn’t it grown?”. “It has but imagined how fast our population grows every year”.

Up to now, it really boggles me why so very few of Filipinos invest in the financial markets. Especially since almost everybody in our company is in the market. I guess my reality is very different. But I’m set to change it.

For all this time, I have always thought that there are already many people who know about stock market investing. That, in today’s information age, everybody would have known that having a stock market portfolio will make them retire a multi-millionaire. Yet statistics say otherwise.

So, I won’t stay quiet anymore and will again talk about investing, savings, investments, and all the above related topics. Because I care. Because I believe that our Philippine nation deserves to grow. Hence, today, I decide to start another series.

“The Invested Pinoy Series”

First week of September 2017, I will start right away. In fact, I will probably write a book or an ebook. If I can help increase the less than 1% then all the better. This is a part of my mission. So help me Jesus. Amen.

To this I say,
Dream, Create, Thrive, and Live
– Jake Bere #SirChubby

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