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Hawker Business Cebu - Mooshi

The Story Of Successful Business Mooshi Smoothie + Juice Bar

I’m currently here right now in one of my favorite healthy food stalls (more commonly known as Hawkers in Asia) – Mooshi Green Smoothie + Juice Bar, which for me, is arguably the best healthy juice bar. They serve fresh, green, and only organic produce.

The owners of Mooshi are of one of the most creative, passionate, and walk-the-talk entrepreneurs who I have ever met. Most of the businesses they have now started, are from their advocacies or something from their daily routine. For example, Mooshi started out as an activity advocacy that Jun, the husband, did every time he would prepare for a Triathlon competition. Jun’s wife who, showed her support by preparing for him meals that would not only make him full, but that would most especially prepare his body for rigorous training and coming competition. The training (hard work) and meals were so good that he (Jun) usually qualifies for a podium after each triathlon competition.

As Jun won more competitions, his friends were intrigued by at how he prepared and trained himself and prepared for each competition. In one of those days, Jun offered to bring his training buddies to try the meals and smoothies that his wife would prepared for him. After his buddies finished their meals, they really felt satisfied and energized especially with what Jun shared to them. While packing their stuff to prepare for home, one of Jun’s friends blurted out, “Jun, order na pud ko ato smoothie ha (translation: Jun I would like to order more of those smoothies). With that single statement, Jun had an idea, “why not build a health juice or smoothie bar, not just for athletes but for everyone else?. Hence, the Mooshi brand was born.

And that’s the end of my article… hehehe.. just kidding. (most of you would be asking where’s the content? or your point is?) #lol

I have two points to share, first, your advocacy and-passion may have a products (or service) in them that will allow you to have extra income or allow you to leave your job (or work in job while have sideline income) one day. So check your passions, there could be some hidden gem in it.

Second and important point:. put into action your idea. Jun, never really waited or made a grandeur business plan or ever a feasibility study, he took one step at a time. (which is a totally different topic) But more importantly, he took steps in making his idea into a reality. For me, I believe that is where most people stop. They get an idea, play around, talk to friends about it, then stop….

Not many really start. In fact very few do. I guess that what separates a real entrepreneur (doer) from a wanna-be entrepreneur (dreamer).

Do you wanna be one? Then start… Like literally now. I don’t mean to tell you to open a store now, but do something. Call someone. Start computing your pricing. Find out the reasons, the people who you want to be a part of it, or those who can help with of your business idea. Check online for instructions what to do, or somebody who has done the same idea you thought of.

Whatever, Just START.

Life a joyful life,

J.Bere – #SirChubby

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