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Why I have an ADVOCACY towards Philippine Financial Education

Journey Towards financial Education!

Most of us Filipinos (if not all), we have always had this belief on the importance of education. In fact, when the word education is mentioned, we automatically think of schools or universities.

While education is indeed important, it’s not to say that it ends after you graduate from college. And it certainly does not follow that if have a college degree, you will be successful financially, and even in life as well.

For me the real education is life itself. Especially the life independent of your parents support. Furthermore, the life wherein you are the one who is already supporting a family.

I believe in True Education; that life teaches us five (5) kinds of “courses”. First is God-Jesus, Relationships, Health, Career-gift, and lastly financial education. The four (4) are far greater “courses” than you financial or money IQ. But mastering your stewardship in your finances is also one key area that you have to be diligent with.

For me, the keyword here is stewardship. Because at the end of the day, everything we have is not really ours. We are just stewards.

Hence, one of the areas that I want to give focus in, and choose also to focus in life is being a diligent servant of my financial life.

I invite you to join this journey with me. Mastering ourselves, and our relationship with money.=)

Choose to be happy and joyful,

the Happy Entrepreneur

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